Foods We Should Avoid Overusing to keep our pH Healthy!! Remember, If our pH is too low (acidic) we can't absorb vitamins and minerals!


·         Pork – The other white meat is full of chemicals and pesticides!

·         Shellfish – They are bottom fish, which means they eat waste! Shrimp is the only exception – they swim & eat plankton.

·         Margarine products

·         Artificial Sweeteners – Certain types of brain tumors are associated with artificial sweeteners.

·         Junk food. No more needs to be said.

·         Mayonnaise – It is almost all fat and preservatives. Use organic mayonnaise.

·         Caffeine – Is a stimulant – Just 2 cups per day increase your chance of disease by 50%! Cut down and then cut it out. Dr. Cochran suggests you wean yourself off caffeine – do not do it cold turkey! This way you will not suffer with headache withdrawals and other symptoms of withdrawal.

·         Chlorine & Fluoride.

·         MSG – Be sure to check labels – MSG is in a lot of things!

·         High fat dairy products (Example: Half & Half)

·         Alcohol – Drink water instead! Our bodies need water to keep hydrated. To figure how much water you should have daily take your weight (in pounds) X 1 and then divide by 2. That is how many ounces you should be drinking daily!

·         Aluminum – If you are cooking in aluminum pans you are absorbing it into your food. Aluminum is also in deodorants (except the Deodorant Stone).


Moderation is the Key! We have to Make Lifestyle Changes! Take Charge of Your Own Health!


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